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Kim Yu-Na 김연아 Ladies Ice Dance World Champion, World Record Holder and Winter Olympic Gold Medalist 2010
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Kim Yu Na 김연아 Only Hope (2008 Skate America GALA)

Olympic Gold

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Olympic Gold Olympic Gold
Olympic Gold
Kim Yu-Na Olympic Gold medalist holds up her gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics figure skating competition. The 2010 Winter Olympics was held at Pacific Coliseum between February 14 and 27, 2010.
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Run Devil Run

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Run Devil Run, Kim YuNa dances to the music Run Devil Run Girls’ Generation, “Run Devil Run” was ranked 1top at the South Korean Gaon Music Chart for two weeks. Written and originally recorded by the Beatles in Abbey road London.
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Kim Yuna will miss the 2011-12 Grand Prix

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Kim Yuna will miss the 2011-12 Grand Prix. Kim Yuna will miss the 2011-12 Grand Prix Reigning Olympic gold medalist Yu-na Kim of South Korea will not compete this season, Kim told reporters today that she is giving herself a longer break from competitive skating after the Vancouver Olympics last year.

Ladies ice dance Seasons

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Ladies ice dance Seasons Ladies ice dance Seasons Ladies medalists Season Location Gold Silver Bronze 1995–1996 Paris Michelle Kwan Irina Slutskaya Josée Chouinard 1996–1997 Hamilton Tara Lipinski Michelle Kwan Irina Slutskaya 1997–1998 Munich Tara Lipinski Tanja Szewczenko Maria Butyrskaya 1998–1999 St. Petersburg Tatiana Malinina Maria Butyrskaya Irina Slutskaya 1999–2000 Lyon Irina Slutskaya Michelle Kwan Maria […]

2006-2007 Grand Prix Final

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2006-2007 Grand Prix Final
2006-2007 Grand Prix Final 2006 Grand Prix Final GALA Yu-Na KIM Reflection

Hold on to your Hats

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Hold on to your Hats. Coming soon, Something Korean. Kim Yu-na. The Young, Fit, Beautiful, Athletic, Well Mannered, Ice Dance Gold Medalist, and World Record Holder Kim Yuna

lips start to quiver

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lips start to quiver For the first time, she stood on the ice after her performance and felt her lips start to quiver. As flowers and stuffed toys rained down from the stands, her tears began to flow.Kim yuna her lips start to quiver“I can’tbelieve this day has finally come for me,” said Kim, who was taken aback by her own crying.
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Kim Yu Na Danse Macabre

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Kim Yu Na Danse Macabre Kim Yuna dances on ice to Danse Macabre 2008–2009 season
List of 2008–2009 figure skating season music. The 2008–2009 figure skating season began on July 1, 2008, and ended on June 30, 2009.

Kim Yu-Na