lips start to quiver

lips start to quiver

For the first time, she stood on the ice after her performance and felt her lips start to quiver. As flowers and stuffed toys rained down from the stands, her tears began to flow.Kim yuna her lips start to quiver“I can’tbelieve this day has finally come for me,”  said Kim, who was taken aback by her own crying. That emotional release, so long in the making, quickly ended as soon as Kim, the reigning world champion in women’s figure skating, got a glimpse of her score.

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  2. Queen Yuna performed at Harvard Univ last week…
    A YouTube of the Queen performing at a Charity Iceshow. She didn’t do any jumps, but just her showing up was probably good enough for the audiences…
    BTW, I feel Yuna’s day’s of competitive skating is over. She should now go back to college and prepare for her career in coaching.
    by badukmaster on Oct 22, 2011 4:43 PM EDT

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